Yoga Classes, Prices & Descriptions

~~~~~~ Class Schedule ~~~~~~


  • 2:30pm Senior Yoga-Joe Vinciguerra                       


  • 9:30am Meditative Yoga for EveryBody-Sam Meehan
  • 6:00pm Power Hour (CDB hemp infused - Instructor Joe Vinciguerra   ​ 


  • 11:00am Mind and Body Reset-Marlene Glaser


  • 2:30pm Senior Yoga-Joe Vinciguerra
  • 6:00pm Slow Flow & Meditation-Marlene Glaser


  • 9:00am Yin Yang Yoga-Marlene Glaser


  • 10:00am Gentle Yoga-Beth McDonough/Serena Sutterfield

~~~~~~ Class Prices ~~~~~~

Intro / New Student 2/$25

Single Yoga Class  $15

5 Class Yoga Pass  $60

Unlimited Monthly Pass  $95

60min Massage & 3 Yoga Classes  $95

~~~~~~ Class Descriptions ~~~~~~


Jivamukti - Beckett Brookshire (Summer 2018)

***Open to all level practitioners, this class consists of flowing sequences, hands on adjustments, pranayama (breathing exercises), deep relaxation, Sanskrit chanting, yoga philosophy, and meditation. Open classes include standing postures, backbends, twist, inversions, seated postures and forward folds. Practitioners will be given optional advanced variations. Diverse music plays essential role in the Jivamukti Open level classes. Such artist as The Beatles, Krishna Das, Bob Dylan, and MC Yogi are featured in well crafted, well informed soundtracks.

Senior Yoga-Joe Vinciguerra

***Classes are offered in a variety of approaches to meet the needs of all Seniors. Senior Yoga Class incorporates gentle yoga poses, gradual stretching and correct breathing. Chairs available, if needed to support your yoga practice. All levels

Gentle Yoga - Beth McDonough

***Gentle poses and stretches with breathing techniques that bring balance and mindfulness to your Hara. Come reconnect and center! All levels welcome.

Slow Flow & Meditation-Marlene Glaser

***This class interweaves learning true insight meditation and pranayama (breathing) techniques as well as conscious, flowing asanas that help build strength and stability. Leave class feeling grounded, relaxed & rejuvenated. Suitable for students with basic yoga training.

Beginner Yoga-Beckett Seawright

***This class is designed to build knowledge and passion in your yoga practice with the use of props to expand and support you. 

Yin Yang Yoga-Marlene Glaser

***Slow & deep exploration of mind and body with a Yin practice that uses comfortable props, such as blankets and blocks, to help ease the release of tight tissues with poses held for a longer time than regular Hatha Yoga classes. Increase your flexibility with Yin yoga as well as the Yang aspects of the practice that focus on increasing core strength and joint stability. Beginner to Advanced students. 

Mind and Body Reset-Marlene Glaser

***Focus on releasing restrictions in your hips, shoulders, and other areas. Build strength and stability for your joints, muscles, and athletic performance. Relax your mind and remove mental blocks.  All levels from beginner to intermediate. 

Yoga for EveryBody-Sam Meehan

***Feeling stressed?  Learn to breath, stretch and relax.  This gentle traditional meditative approach to yoga is guaranteed to reduce stress while increasing your strength, flexibility and stamina.  Each class includes postures, breath techniques, deep relaxation and meditation.  Regular practice of yoga brings balance to the mind, body and soul.  A meditative approach enables people of all ages, levels of flexibility and fitness to benefit. Join us and leave refreshed. All levels of students. 

Power Hour CDB Hemp Infused - Joe Vinciguerra

***A progressive class that offers challenging aspects for everyone. With an emphasis on core strength this class combines traditional yoga postures with strong, energetic movement. For students with basic yoga training. Focus is on core strength.